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2013/14 Program Report Form ... click here
  If you are having trouble saving the report form, try the following:

1.  Open the report form from the LAVFW website.

2.  Click in upper left corner the save button (save a copy)

3.  Name it as something you will remember in your own documents - perhaps 2013-14 report form

4.  Get out of the LAVFW website

5.  Retrieve this newly named file which will be in a pdf file.

6.  Go in and use it as any interactive form.

7.  Save it to your document file - example: 11-15-13 Americanism

8.  Send it via mail or however you want as an attachment to your chairman (if they will accept this way of receiving reports)

9.  When you have another report to fill out, go back to step #5 and repeat.

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